Building a Secret Compartment

Everyone has something to hide from the curious eyes of others. It can be personal property as well as confidential documents. There are many possibilities of whatever that has to be in the home. The most popular and convenient is the ordinary hard cover book. A book may seem innocent but it has served many people through ages as a perfect hiding place. Following are some simple instructions for building a secret compartment in an easy way.

Materials Needed: -Hard cover book, almost 2 inches thick -Glue sticks and glue gun -White glue -Small paint brush -Craft knife

Step One: First, the dust jacket has to be removed from the book. It will be later used with some pages which will serve as a cover for the secret compartment.

At least 25 pages are needed which should be left untouched by the craft knife. When this has been laid out, equal amount of water and white glue has to be combined. The plastic wrap has to be used to protect the back cover, many front pages and the front cover from glue spills. There should not be any trace of glue left on the book as it can give a hint that it has been tampered.

Step Two: When everything is in place, the glue mixture can be used for making remaining pages of the book to stick with each other. Paintbrush has to be used for applying generous amount of glue on top, bottom and side areas of each page. The glue should be kept in line about half inch back from the edge being invisible from an informal look. The book should be kept closed after applying the glue and a heavy object can be placed on it for keeping the pages intact, it has to be given several hours to dry completely.

Step Three: When the glue has dried, the protective plastic covering can be removed from both sides of the book. The desired length, width and depth of the secret compartment can be measured. A pencil and ruler can be used to draw the outline of the hollow inside the book. It has to be again made sure to remain well back from the edges so the book will be as strong as possible. Now the inner block of the pages can be taken out using the craft knife. The cut pages can be taken out one by one, the edges can be trimmed. It should be returned to the dust jacket for making it look as normal as possible and it can now be placed on the book shelf.

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