What You Need To Know About Singapore Condominium

Singapore condominium commonly known as condo is a multiple projects where individual units get sold. Buying a condominium unit means owning everything between the bars of that particular unit. However, you share the ownership of other common properties such as club house, elevators, swimming pool, tennis courts, gymnasium and other joint facilities with other owners of condominium.

In the recent years, many people are adopting the condominium way of owning a house. However, Singapore condominiums differ according to the market segments. Different people have different taste and also the financial abilities of buyers; fact well known by the investors.
There are the ordinary condominiums mainly situated in the suburban places but have good communal services. Such condominiums normally have average pricing to enable many buyers who wish to change from public to private housing. Under this group, there is another set of condos known as Executive Condominiums (EC). This is a combination of private and public housing which was created by Singapore government. These condominiums have a lower price compared to private ones in order to enable many people and especially the young professionals aspiring to own a house but find the price too high. However, there are some rules governing the Executive condominiums which include a minimum of five year occupancy duration by the occupant before being permitted to resell.
The other one is middle class Singapore condominiums. Basically, these are situated close to city fringes and other areas such as Tanjong Thu and Newton Novena. They are very popular because they are located close to middle of the city where entertainment and business hubs are. In addition, they have various types of themes which attract successful yuppies and professionals.

Finally, there comes the luxury category of condominiums which cater for people with good financial status. These types of condominiums are situated in the major districts such as Sentosa, Orchard Road and Keppel Bay. They are for people who do not only desire to own a home, but those with exclusive lifestyle which fits their status.

Investors of these luxury condos put all efforts to ensure that homeowner enjoys the best quality in regard to fittings, finishing and fixtures. TP180 is just an example you will need not ignore. Amenities and facilities are first class with modern architectural themes and designs which bring out the condos uniqueness.

Having a good understanding of various classes of Singapore condominiums will assist you in narrowing down your hunt. You dont have to waste much time looking for projects which doesnt fit in your budget. In case you are searching for a condominium to buy, it is very easy to know which group it belongs just be its location and also the investors way of advertising.

Luxurious Facilities In Singapore Condos

Year after Year world running on modern facilities. People want more and more facilities day by day. With new technologies you can get more facilities in less effort. Nowadays everyone wants the luxurious home to live and the builders provides all luxurious facilities to satisfy their customers. When you get your dream house then money doesnt matter.

Today builders provide different facilities through which an ordinary man also can buy his corn home. They provide monthly EMIs, so a person can afford the condo and make it to his own home after some years. A condo is in a new trend in Singapore.

The condo has everything to fulfill a persons luxurious life dream. It contains,
– Gym
– Swimming pool
– Great location
– Running track
– Golf club
– Secure parking place
– Lobbies
– Clubs
– Elevator

And many more extra-ordinary facilities. Some condos are located beside the sea so it gives stupendous look to a condo.

Singapore condos divided into three different parts regarding the price :
– Luxurious condos : Developers put their all efforts to fulfill the customers luxurious services and give them the finest quality in terms of finishing, fittings and fixtures. They hire extra-ordinary architectures to make a unique and stunning design of their project which attracts more and more people.

– Mid- tier range Condos : All people cant afford the luxury condos so developers make the mid-tire range condos. Then there are condominiums belonging to the mid-tier range. These types of condos located near the city fringes, in areas like Newton Novena and Tanjong Rhu. These types of condos are famous because of its location which contains entertainment hubs and other full facilities. They also provide great theme based condos so what a person need more than this ????

– Low Range condos : People who live in public housing, can make their own property through the developers who make low range condos. Here they provide needful facilities. These condos have all the facilities which a common man wants.

People spent lots of money on condos because they can fulfill their all needs in a single condo. Singapore condos are very famous in all over the world because of the interiors, floor plans and fantastic location. When you get up in the morning and the fantastic look of the sea comes into your eye, it makes your whole day cheerful. These things pulled out more and more towards it. Lots of Foreigners have come to Singapore to buy condos for just a safe and profitable investment.

Some interesting Facts :
– According to Singapore government data of May, 2012, a local builder sell 2,200 homes in May.
– The sales in April, 2012 is 2,487. So through these numbers you can see that more and more people investing their money in condos.

The condo provides every facility so people attract more towards it. The prices are also increasing day by day so people always get profit when they sell the condo. So investing in a condo is a safe way to make your money more valuable.

Steps To Consider Before Buying A Singapore Condominium

Each individual seeks out best of the methods by which they can save money and buy cheap condos in Singapore. Not only money saving tips people seek out rather, they seek out steps before buying a Singapore condominium. Before buying s condo unit, you have to know basic criteria and factors that will make your living smarter and safer. Buying a condo unit is quiet different and variant from buying a normal house. Where in normal house you do not have to check out for the norms and rules, but there are specific points that you have to keep in mind before buying a condominium.

While buying a condominium, check out for the norms and rules that the condo has set up for the customers. It is essential that you check out their rules and regulations & decide on whether you can live with the norms and regulation that they have set up. There are certain points that you have to ask with the condo association regarding what is allowed and what is not allowed. Do not think this way that everything is allowed in the condo unit. This may happen that you have a pet and at the end time you got to know that it is not allowed. There are certain rules and regulations that you have to follow.

The second point that you have to consider before buying a condo unit is to look for your budget. Singapore condominium may cost you higher and costly, so you need to have huge bucks before buying a condo unit. Whenever a person thinks to buy a condo unit, he has to think for the rules that re to be followed first and after this he has to think over for the budget. One should have efficient budget to have the luxurious condo unit and if you are planning to have it on loan basis, then there are certain aspects that you have to fulfill with the association of the apartment.

Well, it is essential for you to know that along with norms and budget, Lifestyle is an important aspect that has to be considered before buying a condominium. To live a luxurious life it is essential that you have to live smartly and in an organized manner. There are surely no restrictions when you are at your unit, but when it comes to the get-together or communicating with the neighbors, going with the rules and regulation, all have to be considered before you buy a condominium.

Step By Step Guide To Do E-marketing

There have been lots of emails sent to newsgroups recently promoting the ebook Internet Millionaire Secrets – Malaysian Koey Teow Style by Jason Tan from onlyinmalaysiamah.com claiming to be able to make you a millionaire with very little time and effort required from you. The main target of the campaign is Malaysian. Is it a scam?

Let’s look at some of the claims in the onlyinmalaysiamah.com web site:

Claim #1: Jason Tan received an email on the morning of 8/8/2006 that started his money-making journey into internet marketing and became a millionaire.

Claim #2: From his earnings, he bought a Damansara Perdana luxury condominium for RM600k by paying cash.

Basing on claim #1, he had been using this method since August 2006, that is exactly 10 months up to and including May 2007. At RM40k per month, that is a total of RM400k only. How did he manage to pay for the condominium in cash, not to mention the car and chicks.

If you explore his web site more closely, you will notice that he is running his business from Media Dynamix at Suite 312, MBE Damansara Perdana, G-20, Jalan PJU 8/3 Damansara Perdana 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. So the Damansara Perdana bit in his claim may be true, but it is an office which could be rented premises. It is quite obvious that onlyinmalaysiamah.com is not an individual effort by Jason Tan (if he exists) but a business undertaking by a corporate body with a capable staff that costs thousands of dollars to maintain every month.

We can see that the claims made in the sales page are simply sales gimmicks. The testimonials and all. It is created using some authoring program and has the standard layout and look similar to thousands of ebooks offered for sales on the internet. But in the selling of get-rich-quick ebooks or other merchandize, it is common practice to use such sales gimmicks anyway. Jason is not alone.

After scouring the web for comments from those who had bought Jason’s ebook, it is clear that the ebook contains the following:

Content #1: A step-by-step guide on how to do internet marketing.

Content #2: How to solve the problems faced by Malaysian and those from some other countries in using Clickbank and Paypal.

He is also offering a free affiliate program to sell this ebook and other freebies such as free ebooks and 60-hours consultation.

Content #1 is readily obtainable if you google for clickbank, paypal, adwords, adsense or other popular offerings for internet marketing. But then you will have to screen through a lot of data to obtain the right info on how to conduct internet marketing. Using his ebook will save you time and effort and make your learning curve very short and gentle.

Content #2 is also readily available through user group discussion or through other ebooks such as Chapter-M by Gobala. If you have trusted relative or friend in Singapore, you will be able to do all these already with his/her consent and help since Singapore is a country accepted by both Clickbank and Paypal.

The free affiliate program offered is an independent program set up by onlyinmalaysiamah.com. You can register to participate in the program even if you did not buy the ebook. Commission payment from referred sales can be deposited into your accounts in local banks, Paypal or E-Gold. If you are already familiar with internet marketing, you can sign up to become an affiliate, post your affiliate links to where you can, and see if they will produce the results as claimed by Jason.

In conclusion, I will not consider this ebook a scam since it offers guides and methods that you can actually use in real life. Sure, not all the claims he made in the sales page are true. For all you know, Jason Tan could be just a fictitious name used by onlyinmalaysiamah.com to create the dramatic effect conducive to generate sales. You should be able to decide whether you accept those fraudulent claims as mere sales gimmicks which you can tolerate, and whether the RM90 asking price of the ebook is worth it. That depends very much on how much time you will have to spend to garner the same information contained in the ebook, and how much your time is worth at this moment. In my opinion, buying this ebook is way cheaper than attending seminars to obtain the same information contained in the ebook, and much faster if you were to hunt for the same information by yourself.

So, if you are a beginner, and you want to venture into internet marketing quickly, this ebook is a good place to start: