The Pros And Cons Of Masonry

A home or for that matter any building which has a distorted shape is not very appealing to the eyes. While visiting a home the first impression that a person gets is of the design and structure of the house along with the hospitality. So building that place called “home” perfectly to provide us comfort and happiness is a consideration we all should take seriously. For this your home needs to have properly constructed framework, designs, furnishing and masonry.
This article will deal with masonry and its pros and cons.
Masonry comes in varied designs and materials, from glass and marble to tiles, stones and bricks. The quality of the masonry determines how the structure will form. It also depends on the workmanship of the contractors hired. Masonry needs to be extremely durable. The types of masonry that have been mentioned above will beautify your home immensely. If you can do up the outdoors of your home with stone masonry, your home will surely look nothing less than an ancient castle. Sounds good? That’s exactly the effect that these masonries have. Glass or marble masonry will on the other hand give a modern look.

Like many other things even masonry has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s first go through its advantages –
Materials like stone and brick increase the thermal mass of a building, thereby giving comfort in the scorching heat of the summer and chilling cold of the winter.
Natural materials like bricks, stones and tiles will not require any kind of exterior painting. They might require polishing. This brings down certain amount of costs. The maintenance and life cycle cost becomes less.
If masonry is well crafted and constructed with a good finishing then it gives you the assurance of a permanent look.
Being heat-resistant, masonry helps to protect from fire.
Masonry also helps protect you from catastrophes like tornadoes and hurricanes.

However, it has its disadvantages as well –
If the foundation is not strong then it’s difficult to build masonry, because they are extremely heavy in nature.
Extreme weather conditions can prove to be bad for masonry. There can be degradation of the materials like bricks and stones.
Provided you can find a good landscaping contractor, the two disadvantages talked about, will really not matter because it all depends on the quality of work done. If you are looking for a landscaper who can build durable and elegant masonry, Rhode Island home owners your search ends with Yard Works.