Miami Beach Luxury Real Estate

Miami Beach is famous for its glittering night life, sun drenched days, shopping, cuisine, entertainment and culture, beautiful beaches, recreational opportunities and many other great reasons. It is among the most visited areas in the state, and due to this number of folk select to take a position in Miami Beach luxury property, either as a first residence, 2nd home or rental property. Even in the present day’s wavering markets, Miami Beach property is flourishing. Plenty of the area’s old, superseded and disfavored hostels are being replaced with big and sumptuous condominiums. Many of those buildings provide resort-style living year round to their inhabitants, and the comforts typically include connoisseur cafes, professionally staffed spas, hi-tech gymnasiums and fitness rooms, concierge and housekeeping services and valet parking, amongst others.

It is no wonder that so many folk are making a choice to purchase such properties before they’re even built, but homes are also another favored choice in Miami Beach property. Water and beachfront locations as well as immediate access to all the area has to supply make home possession in Miami Beach property a smart and lucrative call. The town itself pours millions of tax greenbacks into improving environment and services throughout the whole Miami Beach area, which will only add to the all prepared high cost of Miami Beach luxury real-estate.

Miami Beach started as a plantation tract for coconuts when 2 entrepreneurs Henry and Charles Lum acquired 160 acres of what is now South Beach. Their small rural scheme nonetheless, failed and the land passed on to the hands of John Collins, the New Jersey Quaker who planted the 1st grooves in Florida. Today, the cypress swamps and alligator plagued waters of Florida are prohibited to the Everglades nationwide Park, but back in the nineteenth century, a lot of the land was a marshy waste. First the regiment Co of Engineers then idealists like Carl Fischer dredged the thick mangroves to form the South’s tropical wonder – Miami Beach. With the town of Miami across the Biscayne Bay already busy with life, many entrepreneurs recognised the possibilities of Miami Beach as a home boomtown.

In the year 1912, the Lumnus bros found the Sea Beach Property Company in Miami Beach and the 1st wave of construction started. The following years saw quick development on Miami Beach with the “longest van bridge in the world” – the Collins Bridge being built and the opening of varied cafes on the oceanfront, which included the famous Joe’s Stone Crab. The first hotel in Miami Beach, the W. J. Brown, opened its doors to consumers in 1914 and with it Miami Beach has conclusively arrived on the traveling scene in the U. S. .

In the 1996, the city of Miami Beach celebrated 100 years of existence as an independent, self-sustaining tropical nirvana. It its existence, the town saw 2 world wars, the sophistication and lavishness of the countries golden period – the 1920’s, and the crisis of the Great Industrial Depression. Places like the Art Deco State Historical District, the Cauley Square Hamlet and the St Bernard de Clairvaux Church are simply a few reminder of its rich and sundry heritage. The genuine history of Miami Beach is filled in the souls of its folks.

Enjoy The Luxury Of Green Diamond, Miami Beach

Part of the esthetically pleasing twin towers of Miami, the Green Diamond is part of one of the most recognizable buildings in the Miami Beach area. The Green Diamond building shares over 500 feet of beach front property and all the amenities of the two buildings are unrivaled by any other buildings in this area. The 45 story buildings are the tallest in the Miami Beach area and offer incomparable views of the ocean and Miami skyline.

Fitness Made Easy

The private resort feel of the club house is hard to compare to any condominium complex you have ever seen. The clubhouse feels more like that of a luxury resort with top of the line exercise equipment, steam rooms, hot tub and twin saunas. Daily fitness classes range from the relaxing yoga to the up-tempo cardio Zumba class all complimentary to residents and guests. The Mediterranean feel of the beach club makes you feel like you are on a luxury vacation even when calling the Green Diamond home. For those who want to have a more private fitness experience a licensed personal trainer is available to provide training in the residences for a fee.

Luxury Amenities

The business center offers high speed internet access, a copy machine and free computers to use in the facility. A staffed beach area includes access to beach chairs, large umbrellas and beach towels. You can also get snacks and drinks brought straight to your beach chair by the friendly beach area staff. Internet access is essential in todays world and the Green Diamond does an excellent job providing Wi-Fi access throughout the common areas of the complex.

Quality Staff

Additional luxury services you can find at the Green Diamond include the fully staffed lobby. A 24 hour concierge is available for all your needs, including anything you might desire that is not available at the residence. 24 hour security staff are properly trained and provide safety to all guests and residents. You will also find a fully staffed beauty salon and restaurant in the lobby area.

The Green Diamond is part of a luxury living experience which combines high-rise living and luxury hotel type amenities. Enjoy the ultimate in fitness, spa and living at the Green Diamond and share the luxury with the residents of the nearby Blue Diamond building. With nearby shopping, dining and entertainment you can fine everything you need at the Green Diamond condominiums or right down the street.