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Hip Hop artist and Rapper Lexikon show a truly unique combination of talents. His intelligent sound has helped expose a new niche of hip-hop where the typical bubblegum, dumbed down rap has no bearing. College educated and street smart, Lexikon has established a successful career in the banking industry while pursuing passion writing, recording, and performing his music. Lexikon explains that, its about relating my experiences with educated fans that want to hear substance and meaning in the upbeat music they listen to. Recently featured on Chicagos Power 92.3 and RawTV Radio, Lexikon is starting to create a buzz in Chicago. With his highly anticipated mix tape coming soon, Lex is on pace to give the hip-hop world a well-deserved facelift.
Hip Hop Music:
Dream on suits- Ive pierced the corporate veil
They say when one door closes another door opens dont realize it before the sound of that alarm clock awakens you to familiar scenes of Groundhog Day and smells of Folgers coffee cuz the best part of waking up is not always the location were headed. Yea yea, live for the moment, tomorrow is never promised. So why are we still so conservative?
I cant speak for the gander but we generally dream to make enough money to afford high end fashion, BMWs, large homes and vacation condos in Maui. Did you notice the words credit, liability, finance, or pay it later in that sentence? A long time back someone very smart decided a quicker, better way for us to achieve these goals, credit, unfortunately, they portray an eerie paradox that tends to keep us further from those dreams.
Ask yourself this, will you be more willing to chase those aspirations when you have a kid and a 250k mortgage, or when 1/4 of your budget is spent on spilled bar drinks and hotel weddings?
At the age of 24, making your avg 50-60k as a banker, grinding the corporate rat race with simple expenses and a new home purchase on the horizon, I have come to grips with this concept and am breaking away from the suits to carve a path that is more in tune with my dreams.
After that monkey suit comes off, the time I have had to bring you catchy hip hop songs, shows and videos that keeps your minds off of those dreaded serving jobs is limitedThat ends now!
This is my life my liberty and my pursuit, put it through the mic and feel my soul in the booth
Get ready for the rival and full push of Lexikon Music. Coming to a speaker near you