How To Repair Solar Led Lanterns

How to Repair Solar LED Lanterns

There are a number of problems that can besiege your solar LED lantern, none of them serious and all of them pretty simple to fix relatively inexpensively. The most important thing to remember is that an LED is not an incandescent light bulb, and does not operate the same way. As such, you dont have to worry about bulbs blowing out or causing damage to the rest of the lantern. Solar LEDs have their own special set of problems youll need to diagnose.

Ascertain which bulb in your lantern has blown by powering the device and looking for the dark bulb (or more than one). Shut off the power and unplug the lantern from its light source, and use extra LEDs to replace the burned-out ones. LEDs have a “polarity,” that is, they have a positive leg and a negative leg. Observe the proper polarity when replacing an LED, as it will not work if it is installed backwards.

Check the fuses of your lantern if all its LEDs are out simultaneously. Unplug your lantern from its power source, replace one fuse, and turn the lantern back on. Repeat until you find the blown fuse. Alternatively, you could use a volt/ohmmeter to check each fuse without replacing them.

3.Check your lanterns wiring for accidentally pinched, severed, stapled or otherwise damaged wiring. If you find any, cut out the damage area, strip the ends of the undamaged wires, and reconnect them. Cover the connected area with electrical tape.

Re-solder any burned-out or oxidized terminals on your solar panel. Locate bad solder joints by noting which are shiny, and which are not. Unsolder the non-shiny ones, clean the area of any leftover bad solder, and solder the connection afresh with 2 percent silver solder.

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