Fishing Boat Design – A Must In Building A Home Made Boat

If you are an individual who likes fishing very much and also has a skillful grasp of working with wood, I say you have what it takes to construct a boat of your own using fishing boat plans.

I understand that there’s a typical idea that fishing boats are expensive. I should know, I used to believe that too. And it is true, fishing boats can cost you quite a bit. Still, if you build your own fishing boat, that’s a different matter altogether. With you having to remove the labor expense of a self-made fishing boat, not to point out having full control of material alternatives, you can quickly keep the price of the boat straight down. Way more economical than if you procure a boat kit or buy a boat.

However, for the construction process to go as without problems as possible, there are some issues that you need to plan and think of. Some of these are:

Type of Boat

There are many types of boat that you can take into consideration. The most generally used fishing boats are dories or jon boat. Personally, I think dories are good for rookie builder. But if you want a somewhat bigger boat, you should go for a jon boat. Jon boat can be pretty quiet thus making it ideal as a fishing boat since it doesn’t drive away fishes. On top of that, jon boat allows for more capacity so you can bring some fishing buddy for the ride.

Materials Used

There are many options for you when it comes to materials used in building a boat. Most commonly used perhaps are wood, aluminum and fiberglass. Using any of those materials has its own advantages and drawbacks.

For example, a wooden boat is one of the easiest boat you can construct. It would just require a solid grasp of basic woodworking skills to complete the boat. Doesn’t require the use of power tools either. However, the main drawback of a wooden boat is that it has to be thoroughly protected from constant exposure to water as it is prone to rotting. That is why varnish or paint has to be thoroughly applied both for aesthetic as well as maintenance purposes.

Boat Building Techniques

There are two boat building techniques which I strongly suggest. Personally, I use either of these methods depending which serves me best on a given project. The first one is the simplest method of boat building. It’s called stitch and glue method. As its name implies, the whole process only involves the cutting of the different parts accurately, stitching it together and afterward, gluing it together. You will also save a lot from material cost using this process.

A different method is the ply over frame method. I use this method if I want to achieve a higher level of durability and sturdiness in my boat. Comparatively speaking, it is more time demanding than the first system as it necessitates you to assemble a boat frame first before to setting up the plywood over the frame.

Fishing Boat Plans

If you wish to make the whole boat building experience without the headaches that could surprisingly crop up, you need to get a good fishing boat plan. Believe me, it will be a lot more affordable in the long run to invest a high quality boat blueprint. At the end of the day, the level of quality of the plan could spell the distinction between the success or failure of the endeavor.