Condominiums vs. Apartments

Which is the best, condominiums or apartment buildings? These two popular types of modern housings became very popular among many Filipinos in today’s modern trends and fast-paced lifestyles. This is because of the benefits that these two types of housings can offer to its residents, such as the accessibility to key locations in the city. But which of these are the best?

Apartment Buildings According to real estate experts in the Philippines, apartment buildings have long been in the Philippines even before the number of townhouses had started to grow in the market. And similar to condominiums, some of the most popular apartment buildings are found in business and commercial districts. So what are the advantages and disadvantage of living in these types of modern housing?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Apartment Buildings The main advantage of living in an apartment building is its affordability. Apartments or apartment units are usually rented or leased, which is much more affordable compared to investing millions or thousands in houses, condominiums, and townhouses.

Another popular advantage of some of the newer types of apartments is its new units, which are known as the one/two/three bedroom apartments. These new types of apartments allows for a more family-oriented environment with the comfort of its spacious unit.

The disadvantage of these types of housings is that these cannot offer the permanence that some Filipinos are looking for in the market. Though affordable, apartment residents are usually prone to eviction; this is because the ownership still remains with its landlord.

Condominiums Though condominiums were only recently introduced in the market, these types of housings had rapidly gained a lot of popularity in the Philippines, particularly among Filipinos living in a fast-paced lifestyle. This is the reason why the number of condominiums had steadily grown in the market, such as the many condo manila. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a condominium?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Condominiums The main advantage of condominiums, other than its location, is its maintainability and security. Although most apartment buildings of today have their own maintenance and security personnel, condominiums were only types of housings in the past which are known for this.

Another advantage is its amenities. Compared to apartment buildings, most condominiums in the city, such as the many condo manila, have their own indoor swimming pools, gyms, and even a full-sized sports complexes complete with basket ball, tennis, and volleyball courts.

The disadvantage of condominiums is that these types of housings are some of the most expensive housings in the market, particularly the many condo manila. There is also the condo fees, in which residents are obligated to pay in a monthly or yearly basis. These condo fees are used for the maintenance of all facilities found in the condominium.