Disadvantage Of Condominiums, Advantage To Houses

There are a number of new houses for sale Philippines today that allows more Filipinos the freedom to choose which type of house best suits their needs. Most of these new types of houses are found in housing communities mostly owned by big corporations. However, though the number of new houses available across the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila and neighboring provinces, have grown significantly, it is still not as popular as other types of housing, such as condominiums.

Condominiums are considered in the Philippines today as the most popular type of housing. Part of what made these new types of housing popular and in-demand across the country is because of a number of benefits that other types of housing, such as houses, lack. One of which is location. However, the reason why houses have continually grown in a market dominated by condominiums is because these types of housing do have its own advantages that condominiums, or any other types of housing, lacks.

Disadvantage of condominiums, advantage to houses Although condominiums are the most advantageous type of housing in the Philippines, there are still a number of reasons why these new houses for sale Philippines are still popular. One of which is that condominiums are too expensive for the common Filipinos.

According to many Filipinos and experts, those condominiums are mostly only for the wealthy, particularly those condominiums found in areas around business and commercial districts. Many have even said that the cost of a single unit in these condominiums is enough to buy a two-story house in Caloocan City or in major parts of Quezon City.

Although there are new condominium units which are far cheaper than those types of condominiums, there are still a number of reasons why these new houses for sale Philippines are still in-demand for many Filipinos. One is that the price range of these cheaper condominiums is similar to these new houses. However, these houses offer more space compared to these cheaper condominiums.

Similar to amenities Another reason why these new houses became popular is that a number of housing communities around Metro Manila is known to provide the same type of amenities that condominium complexes became popular with, such as swimming pools, parks, and playgrounds. The advantage of these housing communities, however, is its affordability compared to condominium complexes.For more information visit to our site at http://www.atayala.com