Review Of Real Estate Investors Tim Mai And Lee Arnold

Real Estate Investor Tim Mai hides his intelligence behind his fun personality. He is very comfortable having fun. It’s obvious that he has a tremendous amount of knowledge about what he does. There is great quality in his experience.

When people are not overly intense it makes learning that much more fun. Tim is able to make his students feel comfortable with him.

Tim Mai teaches wholesaling, short sale investing, foreclosure investing and much more. He guides his students on how to market real estate online.

The mindset lesson on this particular day in February was “Rich People are Decisive, Poor People are Indecisive”.

He talked about the book ‘The Power of Decision’ by Raymond Charles Barker. It may remind you of how limiting our thoughts can be about what riches really are. Tim then stated that a decision is a committed thought so you have to decide to have abundance in your life.

Success minded people like Tim Mai do things out of the good nature of their hearts. They are not fearful of failing because they are motivated to improve the quality of life for their families. They are sure of themselves. Tim states that one thing that will help you in the decision about investing is knowing how to act and when to act.

So he not only teaches real estate investing, but also helps his students learn the emotion behind investing. That’s because the how-to is just a series of actions. But the why is the seed of motivation that causes you to act.

Tim had Lee Arnold as a guest on HHTV. Lee’s company motto and blog is called “I’m The Solution”. He models his life’s philosophy from Zig Ziglar about getting what you want by helping others get what they want. Lee stated that you must be in this to help people and then you will have success.

He was a $3 bag boy and attended college in his off time. He also worked at rent-a-car center on the weekends. He admitted that he too had fallen for the idea that going to college and earning a great job was the key to success before he became an entrepreneur.

Then he read Rich Dad Poor Dad and realized that there was no one in his group of associates that made more than 40k per year. There was no one in his circle of influence that could mentor him to the success he desired. He took off time to attend Russ Whitney’s seminar and wanted the books and tapes but had no money. He had to asked them to hold a post dated check for the books and tapes because he couldn’t really afford it.

The next 7 days were very stressful trying to make that $1600 check good. His family and friends could offer no assistance. Then off to the bank to ask for a signature loan. No deal.

The banker did tell him that he could refinance his truck for $3000. With that he paid for the program and used the rest to buy his first investment property for 35k. He put 15k into his investment on credit, and sold it a few months later for 79k. That’s a 29k profit! A cut above a grocery baggers salary.

Yet Lee realized that he still had no successful mentors around him. So he called to work for Russ Whitney, but they told him that they didn’t hire students just to get rid of him. He would need to acquire experience with ten deals before they would consider working with him. To Lee, closing ten deals was just a formality. He got it done.

Lee called the Russ Whitney team back to ask them for a job again. They had him fly down for an interview. He got the job and ended up spending a great deal of time with Russ Whitney. He sat in many trainings seminars with people who had a successful mindset. Traveling with a team of sharp professionals can have an amazing affect on you.

While he was speaking at a training event he spotted a cute girl in the front row that he had to muster the confidence to talk to. She must have liked him too since she accepted his proposal. Long story short, had he not taken a chance and written that $1600 post dated check, he would not have experienced the life he has today. Lee believes that if you think you can, you can, and if you think you can’t, you cant.

According to Tim, Lee has a burning desire to succeed. That is his overall trait. Lee says that although he has several flat screen TV’s in his home, if you ever stop by you will notice that the TV is rarely on. Television is not his favorite pass-time. He would rather study and learn from articles and blogs.

Growth is extremely important to Lee so he stays active with those who can motivate him to improve his abilities. This assists him in getting over the next hurdle.

Lee is a spiritual minded man so he credits his gifts to God rather than take credit for himself. Playing the piano in church made him nervous, but it pushed him and made him uncomfortable. It caused him to grow as a person.

Then he said something quite intriguing. He stated that in every social setting, he wants to be the poorest, dumbest guy in the room. Then he has something to learn from everyone.

Today, Lee is a consultant on Donald Trump’s team. He is able to teach us how to be successful because he is always around people more successful than he is. He reads the books of people who have done it because they have already laid the ground work.

Tim Mai added that you have to learn how to love discomfort. He quoted that “excellence is only one inch beyond mediocrity.” He brought out statements from the book ‘The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People’. Namely, if you want to be wealthy you cannot focus on wealth. You must be focused on being well rounded. Spirituality gives him a greater purpose. Lee said that he is happier having spirituality than not having it.

His counsel and parting words of wisdom were to really be careful about who you give time to and who you allow to penetrate your belief system. Devotion to spiritual things was at the top of his list trumping his dedication to wealth creation. He showed a deep interest in the spiritual lives of his family.

Many question themselves as to whether or not they deserve to succeed. Nevertheless, free yourself from individuals who doubt your abilities or commitment. People who say things likeYou can’t do that or “Oh, you’re in another one of those MLM’s?, or Oh, you saw another one of those infomercials? You’re never gonna do anything with that.”

Lee also emphasized that if you find yourself surrounded by people who don’t believe in you, who aren’t encouraging you, it will have a negative affect you.Do not allow negative and criticizing people into your life. Those who are going to benefit you and help you to develop into a successful individual should be the core of your associates. If you surround yourself with naysayers, you will not grow to success in anything.

Maybe you can’t remove people like that from your life completely, but you can be careful with your time. Time is all we’ve got. People like Tim and Lee are very generous with their time, knowledge and expertise. You will really gain a wealth of knowledge and have tremendous respect for their dedication to serve people.

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