Property Scout Training Manual

What exactly is a commercial property scout? Basically, this is a person who is on the look out for ‘promising’ real estate. The process looks like this:

1. You learn the techniques from the Property Scout Training Manual.
2. Then, you search through local ads and observe the real-estate developments in the neighborhood.
3. When you see something that looks like a business opportunity, you contact the investors.
4. They assess whether the real estate meets their criteria.
5. If it does, they make an offer to the owner.
6. If the owner agrees to the offer, the investors buy the property in question
7. The same real estate is later on sold at a higher price
8. The property scout gets the share of the profit

There are several ways a property scout is paid. How you get paid, depends on the timing of the payment. You can get paid immediately after the investor group decides to make an offer and they mail the Letter of intend. If you do so, you get $300, regardless if the property is later bought or not. Or, you can decide to collect your money after the acquisition. In this case, you are going to receive $15.000 within 10 days of transaction. But if you are willing to wait till the property is bought and resold, you will get 3% of the total profit. The later option can prove to be the most profitable as the profits are often very high, but it is also the most risky. Maverick Group lets you decide how much and when you want to get paid based on your personal preferences.

There is no investment on your part (except for the initial sign-up fee that covers the cost of the Property Scout Training Manual). All you need to put in is some time and willingness to learn and observe.