Buying A Condominium Unit In Makati

As someone who lives down south of Metro Manila (think 1.5 hours stuck in the van or car when traffic is bad, and 3 hours when it”s just horrible), I”ve often found myself thinking of renting out a condominium unit in Makati, since the biggest and probably busiest business district in Manila today is Makati (although Bonifacio Global City is giving Makati a run for its money).

Often, to get to a decision I would write down the pros and cons of making such a move, so before I do jump the bandwagon and live out on my own, let”s list down the WHYs and WHY Nots of such decision shall we?

Why Not?
Because living alone in a big city is scary. And you”ve never tried living alone
Counter: but this will teach me independence which in the long run will build character.

Why Not?
May be expensive “” especially with the rental rate of most condominium units in Makati

Counter: renting out is not an option really, it”s better to buy or rent to own “” and there are a lot of condominium units and/or real estate properties in Makati allowing such terms.

Why Not?
Because you”d be living alone and security cannot always be relied upon
Counter: but Ayala Land, one of the biggest developers in the Philippines, promises and follows through on its promise of safe & secure living in its abodes. Should you ever doubt that? Hmm, don”t think so.

Now, for the WHYs…

Because living in Makati will make it easier for you to go to work, especially if you work in Makati. In fact, even if you do work somewhere up north, you”ll always be opposite the traffic rush during the morning. Most people go to Makati “” while you, if you work in Ortigas, will have an easier time since you”ll be going out of the city.

Also, remember, it takes you a while to get up in the morning, and since you”re not a morning person, living in Makati will give you more time to spend on yourself. Maybe now you can eat breakfast. Maybe now you won”t always be late for work!

Because investing NOW is better than later. You won”t be asking or scolding yourself why you didn”t invest now. What to invest in? How about a condominium unit? If you don”t want to live anymore in Makati you can always sell it or rent it out.

Proximity to most cities in the Metro. You are just a 15-30 minutes away from other business districts. And night spots. And malls. And what girl doesn”t love to go to the mall (whether it”s for buying or just window shopping). The metropolis is your oyster and it”s just a few steps away from your condominium!

I know there are various reasons to buy and not to buy a condominium unit in Makati. In fact, I can think of a few more but the ones above are the most salient points.